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20 years of experience

Unique and Advanced Engineering Services

AAVS is committed to offering the best solutions that suit our customer’s needs and expediting the deliverables with focus and precision.

  • Certified

    As leaders in our field, we are devoted to the quality of our service, preparation, and our employee’s performance, whom we source from the top engineering schools in the region.

  • Focused

    AAVS LLC is centered on the provision of unique and qualitative services for the achievement of your business goals, catering to your specific industrial manufacturing processes.

Why Choose Us

We stand up for our customers and our staff.


Achieve your Project Goal

We evaluate your systems and processes to provide you with advanced and reliable solutions with the latest hardware and software to automate and control your process.

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Smart and Safe Solutions

We offer around-the-clock support to ensure your improved system’s installation meets safety and user requirements in accordance with design specifications as per your industry needs.

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We Help Companies Scale Engineering Capacity

We will lead your team to achieve the desired potential for your projects with risk mitigation and best practices in mind.

Engineering and Project Management?

Contact us to receive knowledgeable and industry-driving perspectives for your project’s leadership and implementation teams.

Reverse Engineering?

We can assist in the recovery of your system, process design, and logic through state-of-the-art data collection and analytics to re-establish or enhance your systems and processes.

Computerized and Automation Control Systems Designs?

We evaluate your systems and process and provide you an advanced and reliable solution with the latest hardware and software to automate and control your process.

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